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1. How do I check my credit report?
Status of your credit can be checked with the bureau or with the member institutions. The Self Inquiry Process will help you to know your credit report.

2. What are Self Inquiry Process and Self Inquiry Report?
The Self Inquiry Process refers to the process by which an individual/ commercial entity can obtain its credit report from the CIB and through any member FI. The self inquiry report shall be delivered within three business days, or as when available depending on the mode and efficiency of the transmission system (postal, internet etc.).

The Self Inquiry Report is a comprehensive credit report, displaying the details of each credit facility availed by the consumer or commercial entity and its related parties, with the name of the member institutions. This report is provided when requested for by the consumer or commercial entity through the submission of a Self Inquiry Form.

3. How do you fix errors on my report?
The errors on your report can be rectified through the Bureau?s Dispute Resolution Process. A set of procedures will be outlined to guide customers to correct wrong information captured in their credit report following verification of their identification and the Self Inquiry Report.