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1. What is a credit report?
A Credit Report is a detailed report of an individual's credit history prepared by a credit bureau. It reflects the true history of the borrower?s credit information as provided by the credit grantors, compiled and consolidated by the Bureau.

2. Who deliveries credit information to CIB and how is it transferred?
Credit information is delivered by all Commercial Banks, Specialized Banks, and Micro finance Institutions who are members of CIB. The information is transferred electronically through their head office to CIB.

3. Who are the member institutions of CIB?
Please browse About Us -> Member Institutions menu for more information.

4. Does CIB have branch offices?
CIB does not have any branch offices in any dzongkhag.

5. How often is the credit information updated?
The frequency of the data submission is conducted as per the clause 6 of the CIB rules and regulations 2017.

6. Does CIB comprise any opinion or recommendation in credit reports to grant or not to grant credit?
CIB does not provide any opinion or recommendation whether a credit should or should not be granted to a Borrower. It is solely decided by the member institution.

7. How long will CIB take to update my loan status after I pay the arrears or settling my defaulted loans?
When you settle your loan or pay the arrears in full, the new status will be reported to the CIB by the concern institution at the end of that month. CIB cannot change any data stored in its database. This process is completely computerized and only the lending institutions have access to their own data with the Bureau. The Credit Information of a Borrower is retained in the report for five years after full settlement.

8. My credit facility has got a bad repayment history due to which banks are not giving me a loan. Can CIB help to erase the history from my report?
No. The CIB does not have the right to modify the history part of any credit facility in report unless the concern bank provides a written statement.

9. If I liquidate my loan where it has bad repayment history, will the history part be reflected in my report?
No. The closed accounts will be shown in different table in the report which just reflects the summarized information of closed loan.

10. If a bank rejects my loan application, will all other lending institutions do the same? Is this information reported to CIB?
Different lending institutions may have different credit policies and evaluation criteria. Therefore, your loan application could be rejected by one institution and accepted by another lending institution. However, this kind of information does not get reported to the bureau.

11. I am aware that there are arrears in my loan account. Can CIB help me get another loan?
No. The decision making power to grant credit is solely with the lender. CIB does not provide any opinion on your suitability to receive credit.

12. Can I check my or my company's credit report?
YES. You can check your credit information by getting your own credit report (Self Inquiry Report (SIR)) from the Bureau office on any weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm (summer timing)/ 4 pm( winter timing).

13. Can I get my credit information over the phone?
NO. CIB cannot disclose your credit information without generating a SIR Report. Customer has to submit a duly filled SIR form with valid documents as per the requirement to CIB for further processing.

14. Can I get my Self Inquiry Report on-line?
NO. The CIB has not enabled that facility yet, but we provide the report electronically through email.

15. Could I get another person's credit report?
NO.An individual needs to prove his/her identity personally by submitting a valid document to get their own credit report. However, CIB will accept a written authorization letter issued on behalf of another person (the 2nd party).

16. Can I request for a SIR Report from lending institutions?
NO.CIB does not have its service counter in any lending institutions.

17. Where can I get the CIB forms?
Go to Product & Services and then Downloads